The 7,000 LB Classic Lift

63 inches under the platform

This 7,000 LB Series top of the line lift for the home collector is powered by an 110V (or 220V) power supply and is perfect for your home garage or workshop. An optional sliding jack platform accommodates a bottle jack, allowing you to remove the wheels and brakes for service. Add even more versatility with our built-in rolling hydraulic platform jack that runs on the same hydraulic power supply as the lift. With 63″ of clearance under the platform, the Collector lift offers plenty of room to work under your favorite cars. It also has enough clearance to accommodate almost any car under the platform for extra storage.

Lift dimensions:

Overall length: 13′-5″ (outside of corner posts)
Overall height: 6′-9″ (floor to top of corner posts)
Overall width: 8′-6″ (outside of corner posts)
Outside to outside of ramps: 6′-6″, ramp width: 19-1/2″
Maximum clearance under ramp: 63″

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Additional information

Weight 1664 lbs
Dimensions 156 × 27 × 30 in