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Backyard Buddy is always working on new ideas to make your lift more useful around the shop. Our new track and crane system makes pulling engines, removing and installing car bodies and unloading heavy loads a lot easier. Pulling engines is now a breeze! You can work comfortably and safely under the car to unbolt everything, lower the car and then pull the engine with the crane. You can easily maneuver the hoist front to back and side to side, slide the engine forward and lower it to the floor, engine stand or pickup bed. You can take advantage of your lift’s free standing capability and optional casters to move heavy items around the shop. The crane system does add to the overall height of your lift so please make sure you have enough room. For more details, call the Backyard Buddy team today!

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Crane kit for 9,000 LB Lift, Crane kit for Extended 7,000 LB Lift, Crane kit for Over-Height 7,000 LB Lift, Crane kit for Standard 7,000 LB Lift