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You probably already know Sam Memmolo from his TV and Radio shows "Shade Tree Mechanic" and "Two Guys Garage" and now "Sam's Garage Radio Show" . Follow along as he assembles his new Backyard Buddy lift in his home garage!

Transporting a Backyard Buddy Lift
Delivering a Backyard Buddy Lift

The first photo shows Sam pulling into his driveway with his new Backyard Buddy lift on his car trailer. Next his pal Joe helps him unload it off the trailer using an engine hoist. Check how neatly the lift is packaged.

Next Sam and Joe start unpacking all of the components.

Unloading a Backyard Buddy Lift
Unloading a Backyard Buddy Lift

Next Sam and Joe start to lay out the lift components in position. You really need a friend to help because the lift components are well built and heavy.

Sam and Joe stand up and assemble the corner posts. Now it's starting to look like a lift!

Setting up a Backyard Buddy Lift
Backyard Buddy Lift Setup

More photos of assembling the corner posts. You can see Sam inserting the UHMV slides inside the corner sleeves. Almost done.

Easy Setup
Installing Sliders on Backyard Buddy Lift

Here's Sam's completed lift and his Chevy hot rod truck.
What a pretty picture. Thanks Sam!

You can see more assembly photos and read his comments
on Sam's "Shade Tree Mechanic: web site:

Click here to download assembly instructions

Backyard Buddy Lift
Restored Truck on Backyard Buddy Lift