In 1988 an industrious backyard mechanic was in search of a car lift for his home garage. He wanted a safe and affordable lift that not only would allow him to work on his cars, but also provide storage for one vehicle above the other in the same bay. Backyard Buddy, the free-standing, 4-post car lift was born. Fast forward over 30 years, Backyard Buddy has become one of the largest and oldest freestanding lift manufacturers in the country.

In 2017, we purchased the operation under JL Industries. Our first goal was to bring Backyard Buddy into a new era and expand our operations. We’d like to welcome you to the future and introduce you to our new brand, Steel Valley Lifts.

The name embraces our area’s manufacturing history of having once been the largest steel producing region in the world. This is a testament that we will not compromise our longstanding reputation of American made products, quality and service. You can find us in Warren, OH continuing production using only North American steel and components. Through innovation and extensive upgrades to our facility, Steel Valley offers a wider range of lift capacities and coordinating garage solutions. We will still offer the traditional Backyard Buddy lifts and accessories compatible with both.

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