The Backyard Buddy idea was born in 1988 when a backyard mechanic was looking for a lift that would work in his home garage. He wanted a lift that was safe and affordable that not only gave him the ability to work on cars, but allowed him to store one vehicle over another in the same garage bay. That’s when Backyard Buddy was born and is now one of the largest and oldest freestanding lift manufacturers in the country.  We are very proud to have Backyard Buddy lifts built entirely in our Warren, Ohio plant using only North American steel and hardware. It’s getting harder to produce a product in America, with quality materials, and still be competitive with imported lifts only being assembled or painted in the U.S. using “offshore” steel.  A Backyard Buddy lift is more expensive because of the higher-grade materials and American craftsmanship we use to manufacture our product. We will never compromise quality or safety, and you can be assured the you will receive one of the finest tools available in the world.  We are sure you will see what a great value a Backyard Buddy lift is.

To illustrate the differences between Backyard Buddy lifts and the others, we created a side by side comparison. The results show that our design is still the safest lift on the market. Read the detailed comparison here or so stop in our Showroom to see the difference yourself!!!

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