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7,000 lb car lift

A perfect weldJohnny 5's welds are perfect every time!

7,000 lb car lift
7,000 lb car lift

Precision Robotic Welding at Backyard Buddy

Backyard Buddy prides itself in staying on the forefront of precession production welding. Our latest addition is a cutting edge precision production arc welding robot we've nicknamed "Johnny 5". There are two types of welding robots, the rectilinear design which only moves in three axis(X, Y, Z) and the six axis articulating machine. Johnny 5 is a six axis articulated design machine which mimics the movement of the human arm with a rotating wrist joint at the end of the arm. This type of robot can move in six directions for incredibly accurate positioning and welding. Please watch the fascinating video of Johnny 5 at work. It's amazing to watch it probe each location first, strike a perfect arc and then move on to the next location.

  • Our robotic welding station can position and weld parts up to 18 feet long x 30 inches wide
    and up to 700 pounds.

  • Johnny 5 is a pulsed MIG welder made by the KUKA company and capable of extremely precise weldments.

  • Johnny 5's controlling software is capable of programming the most complex welding
    operations with complete consistency and repeatability.

  • Robotic welding has increased our production capacity so we can fill your order faster.

Backyard Buddy's goal with our robotic welding station is not to replace our experienced welders, but to expand our capabilities so we can put more of our neighbors to work and better serve our customers.