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7,000 lb car lift

high definition true hole plazma cutting

Backyard Buddy uses High-Definition, True-Hole Plasma Cutting Technology

Our newest piece of equipment is our High-Definition, True-Hole Plasma Cutting machine. High-Definition, True-Hole Plasma Cutting is a CNC controlled process that produces complex parts that are perfect every time. This is a huge investment, but we feel it adds to the quality of Backyard Buddy lifts, makes us more efficient and cuts down on waste material and energy use. It adds to our production capacity and we hope it leads to more jobs for our community.

Plasma cutting uses a jet or beam of ionized gas capable of conducting electricity. The ionized jet reaches temperatures of 22,000 degrees and leaves a very clean cut in metal that needs very little finishing. High-definition plasma cutting focuses the standard plasma beam with a smaller nozzle office and higher velocity for an even more perfect cut with highly finished edges. The cut can also be made with a bevel that is perfect for welding. True-hole cutting technology produces perfect bolt-ready holes using the plasma beam.

  • Our plasma cutting station can cut parts up to 96 x 240 inches from 1/8 to 3/4 inch mild steel

  • Advanced PC --based CNC control

  • Sophisticated nesting system positions parts on the plate for maximum use of the plate
    cutting waste and material costs