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Backyard Buddy Garage Car Lift

With a Backyard Buddy garage car lift, the sky's the limit - literally. With elevated storage and a completely safe and sturdy design, you can double the storage space of your garage, while enjoying wonderful standing access to your vehicle for any type of repair or work.

Backyard Buddy utilizes a freestanding 4 post design. We have more than 25 years of experience, and are the largest manufacturer of this variety of garage car lifts for both home and commercial usage.

Our standard model is a 7,000 lb capacity garage car lift, and extended length, as well as over height models are available. You can also choose our 9,000 lb capacity lift or trucks. With optional casters, you can even safely roll our garage car lifts, even while a vehicle is being supported.

While cheaper, inferior products are available on the market, you can always depend on the quality and durability of our garage lifts for cars. Everything is proudly American made, and we use the highest quality steel from America and Canada. No cheap substitutes here, only the best from top to bottom. Don't settle for anything less!

Do more with your existing space with a Backyard Buddy garage car lift. Call our team at 800.837.9353 with any questions or to place an order today.