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Backyard Buddy Auto lift on car trailer

Hi Larry,
Just wanted to say how happy I am with my new lift. Dave came down yesterday and within an hour had it unloaded, assembled and working. Totally amazing! I have attached a picture you can feel free to add to your collection of users. I really appreciate Dave setting it up for me. Again, many thanks,

Frank Hill
Westerville, OH.

backyardbuddy car lift being unloaded


Great Garage Lift!!!! Thought your company would appreciate this photo. Extreme Originality(6090 original miles) on the top & Rarity(1 of 30 Petty Blue cars) on the Bottom.


backyardbuddy car lift being unloaded
Backyard Buddy Auto lift on car trailer

Hi Larry,

Sorry it's taken a while to get you these pictures. As you can see I have a pretty cramped 3 car garage with a lot of equipment. I am very pleased with my Backyard Buddy. Although I can't use the full height with a car on it, it certainly is a back saver not to have to always use jack stands. I would like to have had the extended height unit but it would not have allowed me to move the lift to the 3rd car side due to a large center beam.
Again thanks for a great product. I am happy to recommend Backyard Buddy. A great "American" product!

Rod Peck
San Diego, Ca.

backyardbuddy car lift camaro and sedan storage


Hi Larry,

Here are some shot of my BYB lift.

Great product! Best car money I have ever spent!

backyardbuddy car lift-two hot Porsches

I have installed my lift and am very happy. The quality is great and it was easy to assemble with a little help.

I am enclosing a couple of pictures that you could use on your customer site. Thanks again.

Marc Malfitano

backyardbuddy car lift being unloaded

Hi Larry,

Here are some pictures for you to use if you like. Please see Sam's installation photos I am truly impressed with Backyard Buddy's engineering on these fail-safe lift locks. I have always felt safe and confident working under my lift and have loved it. Now I am loving it even more. There is no doubt that Backyard Buddy lifts are the safest, most well constructed lifts on the planet. My hat is off to you and your staff for making the best product of its kind that money can buy, and also constantly improving them. The addition of the grease fittings on pulley shafts is just the frosting on the cake. I continue to spread the word about the excellent investment that Backyard Buddy represents. A lift for life!


Sam Memmolo.

Hi Larry,
I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for making and sending me the lift you did. I was pleasantly surprised. I am super pleased with my purchase. It is everything you say on your web site and more and it was certainly worth the wait. The installers you recommended also did a great job putting together and installing the lift. Thanks Again!

Dennis Keiser

Hemmings Motor News

Volume 40 Number 8 August 1993

Dear HMN,

I have recently purchased an automobile lift from one of your advertisers, Backyard Buddy Corp. It was the least expensive lift I have found and I feel that the quality can't be beat. I am very happy with my lift. It is the slickest tool in my body shop. Keep up the good work advertising quality. Thanks for helping to make my life easier.

backyardbuddy car lift being unloaded



Llove the BYB lift! A friend and I set it up in 6-1/2 hours from the time the truck arrived.

Thank you


What a Cool Thing! Now that I have a chance to use and play with my car lift, I must say that I am thoroughly delighted!

Beyond that, I wanted to tell you that I am even more delighted with the way I was treated. From the time we met at the showroom, you demonstrated the lift, took me through the factory and set the timing for completion of the lift, you hit every mark. At a time, when most times, you have to fight with a company to get things done, or get any kind of answer, your company never stumbled.

Delivery and setup was handled in a completely professional way, and the follow up after the sale was again, a welcome surprise.

You can be assured that whenever I have the opportunity I will be promoting your lift.

Keep up the great work!

Kindest regards,

Jon Bernardi

backyardbuddy car lift Jag and Jeepster

I bought my Backyard Buddy eight years ago when I renovated my garage. I was 58 years old and had been working on cars for about 43 years. It changed my life. When I think of the countless hours I spent lying on the floors of my own garages and those of others, I only regret not investing in a lift sooner. After eight years, the superb quality, intelligent design, and durability of the Backyard Buddy have been evident. It has performed flawlessly. I know that consumers complain when there is a problem and too rarely acknowledge when products perform well. Many thanks.

Day K.

Sagaponack, NY & New York, NY

backyardbuddy car lift being unloaded


We received our order and assembled the "Buddy" inside our building. It was moved outside with the aid of two forklifts and finalized the set up in about 3 - 4 hours total. Your directions were excellent and easy to follow - We are extremely satisfied with the unit.

We were at a complete loss as how to get the Race Truck out of the industrial Building where we garage it, your product was the answer !!!

Enclosed please find a photo showing the "Buddy" in full use; feel free to use it however you wish.

Again, thanks;

Colwell Racing

backyardbuddy car lift Camaro Olds Wagon

We enjoy our Back Yard Buddy very much. What an awesome hoist. We just got our friend to order one as well. His will be delivered in December.
Happy Oldsmobiling!
Dave Tucker
MCR President

Dear Anita,

I just wanted to Thank you for all the help on the purchase and expeditious delivery of my hoist. It's everything you said it is and more! A couple of months ago I helped a friend of mine install one of your competitors hoist. I knew right away that I had chosen the right product for my needs. The design and installation of the Backyard Buddy in my opinion is far superior. I appreciate all your help and I thank you for everything. Your Backyard Buddy has a new home in my garage. I love my new hoist!

Best personal regards,

William J. Barent

backyardbuddy car lift being installed

I got my Backyard Buddy last week. What a great car lift! The workmanship is wonderful. I checked into about 5-10 different lifts but found yours to be the best overall. Now I can feel very safe working under my car and know that my car is safe, too. I will tell everybody at the Pontiac meeting how great your lift is and how great your people are to deal with. They answered all my questions. Thank you so much.

Steve T

New Jersey

convertible stored over mini-van

I really love my lift! You had to design it a little differently for my garage because I needed the extra height of the over-height lift but didn't have room for a wider than standard footprint.

It is so great to be able to keep my collector car parked up and out of the way and still have room for the family cars. It sure came in handy last month when my daughter’s car needed a replacement starter put in. I love the fact that I don’t have to crawl under our cars to make simple repairs. I definitely consider it one of the handiest tools in the garage.

Grant A.

Salt Lake City, UT

backyardbuddy car lift with cool hot rod

I am thoroughly satisfied with my Backyard Buddy lift. It was installed by your staff, and they did an excellent job. The lift is used all of the time and works perfect. This is obviously the safest automotive lift available, and you can't attach a price to personal safety. I've had people stop at my house to ask what kind of lift I have in my garage (it can be seen from the street when the garage door is open) -- and I tell them the Backyard Buddy lift is the only lift to consider! I couldn't be happier with this product.

“Dave F.

Hi, I am Norm from Lanse, MI, and I am a proud owner of your 7000 lb overheight lift. Right from the delivery day until now there is no regret about buying your lift. It fits my shop as advertised, it went together as instructions stated, it works as advertised, and I am happy. I was involved with industrial mining repair and municipal fleet repair and purchasing for almost 40 years, and I am aware of what quality components are made of. Your lift is second to none. I assembled the unit by myself with the help of an““ engine hoist and the appropriate endless slings, and did not have to struggle with any ill fitting components. It was an enjoyable project. Nice“ Job, Folks!

 Norm Tikkanen, Lanse, MI

backyardbuddy car lift install with 63 Vette

I am very pleased with my Backyard Buddy lift. I researched a lot of lifts and chose BYB. I’m proud to buy American-made products. I think when you put a 1963 Corvette split window on a lift, you should have the best. Installation instructions were easy to understand, and if help is needed, just call BYB. Before buying a lift call BYB.

Ed N.

Montville, NJ

A great letter from Msgt. V.A. Paz (ret). Thank you for your service Msgt. V.A. Paz and we're proud you love your new lift!

backyardbuddy car lift being unloaded


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backyardbuddy car lift being unloaded