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Backyard Buddy Automotive Hoist

At Backyard Buddy, we believe that quality, safety and reliability are the most important factors as you're shopping for an automotive hoist for home garages. That's why our 4 post car hoist is proudly American made, with the highest quality steel, and an intelligent design that ensures durability and safety in all applications.

Our standard model is a 4 post car hoist with a 7,000 lb capacity. This is also offered in extended length and over height dimensions.

Truck Hoist

For larger trucks and SUVs, our 9,000 lb capacity truck hoist is the best bet. Load that big boy onto a Backyard Buddy truck hoist with ease, and get the work done that you need so that your truck can keep working hard for you.

Recreational Vehicle Hoist

Whether you love to off-road in an ATV, jet ski on the lake in the summer, cruise around in your boat, or anything else, we'll have you covered. Ensure safe storage during the offseason, or simply get convenient work access to your recreational vehicle with our hoist.

Call Backyard Buddy at 800.837.9353 and we'll provide you with the information you need to get started with a high quality, all-American automotive hoist today.