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Increase Storage with a Car Parking Lift

Is your garage feeling a bit cramped these days? Does it seem like there’s never enough space? Are you limited with how many cars you can store at your home, or even your ability to easily work on them in an accessible environment?

For any of these issues, a Backyard Buddy car parking lift is an easy, reliable and convenient solution. With one of our parking lifts, you'll instantly double your storage capacity, turning one space into two. That also means you can work on the lifted vehicle by standing underneath it, providing you with unparalleled access and wonderful ease to get to work on your hobby or passion.

A car parking lift also works wonders even if you don't need extra car storage itself, but instead, have additional recreational vehicles on hand. Keep the boat or jet skis safely stowed and away from weather damage during the winter, or store your ATV or motorcycles until you're ready to take them out again. In addition to our standard 7,000 lb capacity models, we also produce a 9,000 lb capacity model ideal for trucks and SUVs.

Call our team at 800.837.9353 and we'll help you get started with one of a proudly American made car parking lift today.