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The Best Car Lift for Your Home is the Backyard Buddy

Why is the Backyard Buddy the best car lift for home garages? We like to think our products speak for themselves, but here are some of the top reasons why you'll love one of our high quality car lifts:

  1. Freestanding: A Backyard Buddy 4-post car lift for home use is freestanding, yet entirely safe and sturdy. It doesn't need to be bolted into the garage, and can even be moved around the garage with optional casters.
  2. Accessories: Add onto your car lift with great accessories such as casters, lifting crane, lifting dolly, or hydraulic jack platform.
  3. Value Over Cost: A Backyard Buddy car lift provides true long-term value. You might save a bit of upfront cash with a cheap counterpart from overseas, but the value you receive with quality, durability, safety and functionality won't come close.
  4. Selection: Our standard 7,000 lb. car lift comes in several different sizes and shapes, and we also offer a heavy duty 9,000 lb. model for trucks and SUVs, along with models built for motorcycles and boats.
  5. American Made: Backyard Buddy is entirely American made. We take great pride in our craftsmanship, utilizing American made materials, and putting together the highest quality car lifts you'll find anywhere, backed up a 5 year warranty.

Whether you're still looking for more information or you're ready to make your purchase of a Backyard Buddy car lift, call our team at 800.837.9353 during regular business hours and we'll be happy to answer any questions.