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7,000 lb car lift

Backyard Buddy Easy-Access

7,000 lb car lift

Better than drive-on ramps

Not so "easy access"

These style lifts have their place (maybe changing the oil), but they are expensive for what you get, heavy and always in the way. You also can't move the car around in the shop and the car obviously has to have wheels and be a "roller" to get on the ramps. Helps if it's running too.

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46 Ford hot rod on a Easy-Access car dolly

easy-access car dolly system

Easy-Access is an easy, economical and safe way to work under your car and move it around the shop.

  • Get Easy-Access to the underside of the car without ramps in the way.

  • Easy-Access is much safer and more stable than regular jack stands.

  • It's half the cost of low rise lifts.

  • Easy-Access is great for a complete car or just the frame or body.

  • Easy to store.

  • Easy-Access works with any combination of axles, frame or unit-body using the interchangeable stands, bars and adjustable rubber pads.

  • Easy-Access is built to the same high quality and uses the same American certified structural steel as our Backyard Buddy lifts.

  • Easy-Access doubles as a car dolly. Rolling a car around the shop is easy with heavy-duty lockable needle bearing casters.

  • 6,000 pound capacity

  • Includes all of the axle, frame and body adaptors shown.

  • Durable Powder Coated finish

  • Made in the USA by Backyard Buddy Corporation