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7,000 lb car lift

Backyard Buddy crane hoist for pulling engines

Pull engines with the moveable hoist

7,000 lb car lift

remove a car body for restoration

Support the body and lower the chassis

7,000 lb car lift

Unload heavy equipment

Load and unload heavy loads and move around the shop with the lift casters

7,000 lb car lift

New from your friends at Backyard Buddy—
Now you use your lift to pull engines, remove car bodies and move heavy loads with our crane attachment.

The tracks and hoist bolt to any Backyard Buddy lift.

Now your Backyard Buddy lift is even more capable and a greater value.

Backyard Buddy crane accessory

  • The crane and hoist bolts to the top of your Backyard Buddy lift

  • Fits all Backyard Buddy lifts with versions for 10, 11 and 12 foot ceilings.

  • 1,000 pound capacity

  • The hoist crossmember rolls along tracks to any position and the hoist rolls side-to-side making it great for pulling and maneuvering engines.

  • The track extensions allow the crane to roll out past the lift so
    you can lower the engine to the floor, engine stand or pickup bed.

  • You can suspend a car body from the bridgework and lower the
    chassis out from under the body.

  • Pick up a heavy load and move around the shop using the lift casters

  • The same great quality and built in safety as our lifts

  • Durable baked enamel finish

  • Made in the USA by Backyard Buddy Corporation

Backyard Buddy is always working on new ideas to make your lift more useful around the shop. Our new track and hoist system makes pulling engines, removing and installing car bodies and loading/unloading heavy loads a lot easier. Pulling engines is now a breeze! You can work comfortably and safely under the car to unbolt everything, lower the car and then pull the engine with the crane. You can easily maneuver the hoist front to back and side to side, slide the engine forward and lower it to the floor, engine stand or pickup bed.

Now you can take advantage of your lift’s free standing capability and optional casters to move heavy items around the shop. The crane system does add to the overall height of your lift, so please make sure you have enough room. There are versions for 10, 11 and 12 foot ceilings. Call Backyard Buddy for details today.

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Backyard Buddy crane attachment hoist