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7,000 lb car lift

Hydraulic jack adapts to axles and frames

Many different pad configurations are included for tube axles or frames

7,000 lb car lift
hydraulic jack folds flush with deck


7,000 lb car lift

Built-in Accessory Hydraulic Jack rolls along the
length of the lift.

Easily jack up any part of your car or truck.

Folds completely flat when not in use.

Hydraulic Jack platform

  • 4,000 pound capacity

  • Powered by the lift hydraulic pump and motor.

  • 1,Rolls along the length of the lift deck to raise any part of your car

  • Folds completely flush with the deck surface.

  • The jack arm sockets accept many different jack pads and adapters such as curved
    pads for axle tubes and a crossbar with a sliding pad.

  • Makes it easy to change tires and service brakes.

  • Lever lock secures in position

  • The same great quality, attention to detail and built in safety as Backyard Buddy car lifts

  • Durable powder coat finish

  • Made in the USA by Backyard Buddy Corporation

Our “disappearing” 4,000 pound hydraulic jack.

If you work on your car or truck, you need this accessory rolling jack. This compact 4,000 pound, easy-to-use jack folds totally flush with the deck surface when not in use. The jack uses hydraulic pressure from the lift power unit and rolls along the entire length of the lift so you can safely raise any part of the car. Sockets on each lifting arm accept many different adapters and jack pads to safely support almost anything like frame rails, axle tubes or the center of the axle. Positive self-engaging locks ensure safe operation. We developed and manufacture this jack with the same quality and built-in safety as our Backyard Buddy car lifts. You'll love this jack!

9000 lb Backyard Buddy Truck lift dimension diagram