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7,000 lb car lift
Chevy truck on a 9000 ib Backyard Buddy Lift
7,000 lb car lift
Ford truck on a 9000 lb Backyard Buddy Lift
7,000 lb car lift
9,000 lb Backyard Buddy auto lift
7,000 lb car lift

Backyard Buddy 9,000 pound auto and truck lifts.
Made in America.

These lifts will handle almost anything you can load on them!

The extended height and length 9000 pound capacity 4 Post Lift has a deck that is almost a foot wider than our standard model to accommodate trucks with dual rear wheels. At almost 4 feet longer and with an inch thicker deck, it's plenty rugged enough for dually crew cabs and the biggest SUVs. Similar to the standard model in operation, this lift is powered by 110V power supply or optional 220V for faster lifting. The construction and design are almost the same as the standard model with the exception of heavier steel and the thicker decks. This demonstrates the basic engineering and safety of the standard Backyard Buddy free standing lift.

Basic 9000 pound lift dimensions:

Overall length: 17'-3" (outside of corner posts)
Overall height: 7'-1 3/8" (floor to top of corner posts)
Overall width: 9'-11 3/4" (outside of corner posts)
Outside to outside of ramps: 7'-5 1/2", ramp width: 22"
Maximum clearance under ramp: 67"

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9000 lb Backyard Buddy Truck lift dimension diagram