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7,000 lb car lift
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7,000 lb car lift
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7,000 lb car lift
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7,000 lb car lift
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7,000 lb car lift

Backyard Buddy Portable Free Standing Auto Lifts.
Made in America.

Our favorite cars were built in places like Detroit, Dearborn and Flint. Places that put Americans to work and made America great. Why buy a lift built in places like Beijing, Jiangsu or Zhejiang?

Download 10 things to remember when buying a lift Download "Top 10 things to keep in mind when buying a Car Lift"

Buying a car lift these days is more confusing than ever. With so many brands to choose from and so many companies selling the same equipment, selecting the right one is difficult. Some lift companies are marketing firms while others are long time lift manufacturers. Let us help you figure out what to look for



Professional installation of your new Backyard Buddy lift is available in most areas! Call for details.

Wether you are a professional or an enthusiast working at home, only the safest, highest quality car lift will do. Don't rely on automobile scissor lifts or cheap drive-on car lifts to handle your precious cargo or your safety. Trust the company that has been manufacturing the highest quality home car lifts for almost 25 years. The cheapest drive-on platform four post or two post lifts, which are usually imported, may appear to have attractive prices, but they severely cut corners in the areas of quality, design, materials, performance and safety. We are proud to offer a quality, American made lift that is a great value and will bring years of enjoyment. We are so proud of our lifts, that we hope you call so we can tell you all about them. We encourage you to do as much research as possible, but when it comes to making a commitment to something that's supporting a couple of tons over your head, we feel it's better to call and talk to us. It's a FREE call, NO HASSLE. Please try to visit our factory showroom. You'll be impressed when you see a Backyard Buddy car lift in person and compare it to the imported lifts we also have in our showroom. If you can't make it to Ohio, please call for a list of the major car shows we will display at this year.

Backyard Buddy car lifts are a tough, professional grade tool used in many pro shops, but they are designed to fit in an auto enthusiast's home garage. You can use your lift for service work, detailing and storage. Imagine being able to comfortably change transmission fluid or install a new exhaust system without laying on your back. You’ll do better work and wonder how you ever got along without it. Of course, one of the neatest features is the ability to stack two cars in the place of one, providing you have the ceiling height (as little as 9 feet for smaller cars). You can also store snowmobiles, jet skis, golf carts or anything else that needs to be off the ground. Imagine the possibilities! You can now utilize the wasted space above your car, even if you just have an eight-foot ceiling. If you are building a new garage, you’ll find it’s less expensive building higher to accommodate a lift than building a bigger garage.

Please view our side-by-side comparison info which measures the quality and performance of the U.S. built Backyard Buddy automotive lift against the characteristics of the typical imported economy lift. You will see that for safety, performance, durability and overall value the only choice is Backyard Buddy.

Backyard Buddy lifts are shipped in kit form and are easy for two people to assemble in a day with hand tools. Check out these assembly photos. If you prefer to not assemble your lift, professional installation is available. Contact us any weekday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST and you will be connected to a live person at a real U.S. manufacturer! Our lift hot line number is 800-837-9353.

  • We use only American or Canadian certified structural steel and materials.

  • We use American made power units and hardware.

  • We use only American Welding Society Certified Welders.

  • All lifts include a Standard 5 Year 'Top-to-Bottom' Warranty.

  • Our lifts are free standing. They roll around the shop with optional casters, even when supporting a car.

  • 4"x4" structural square tubing corner posts, not formed open channel like cheaper lifts.

  • The 12" long outside sleeves that support the runways completely surround the corner posts and capture the locking tabs. There is no chance of accidental disengagement or failure. This gives Backyard Buddy lifts the superior structural integrity needed to be free-standing.

  • Four additional safety locks automatically engage the corner posts in the remote chance there is ever any cable slack (it's never happened).

  • Our runway tread plates are welded to a heavy steel frame with cross members. Others just bend soft tread plate to form the structure.

  • Each Backyard Buddy lift is shot blast for better powder coating adhesion- not just acid washed.

  • Critical cable pulleys have grease fittings for easy maintenance.

  • Available in Backyard Buddy Red, Black and Red, White and Blue.

  • Financing is available. Please Call or click.

Please stop by and visit our Warren, Ohio showroom Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM, EST.

Backyard Buddy Auto Lifts are available in
7,000 and 9,000 pound capacities and four sizes

Backyard Buddy 7,000 pound car lifts are available in standard, medium
and large sizes and a new design for storing boat trailers

The perfect four post car lift for your home garage comes in four versions including an extended height version that gives you a full 7 feet of clearance under the lift platform and an extended length version! There's even one designed to store your boat and trailer. This, top of the line, free standing auto lift is powered by a 110V (or 220V) power supply and is prefect for the residential home garage workshop. The standard version has 63' of platform clearance and has plenty of room to work on your favorite cars and service your truck. It also has enough clearance to accommodate almost any two cars for the purpose of storage. A Backyard Buddy lift is an easy way to gain a parking space in your existing garage as long as you have the necessary ceiling height. It's safe quality design and construction are unparalleled in the automotive industry.

Click here for more information on the 7000 lb. standard lift, over-heigth lift, extended lift, boat trailer lift

Will a lift fit in my garage? Compare Backyard Buddy LIFT DIMENSIONS.

Backyard Buddy 9,000 pound car and truck lifts

The Backyard Buddy 9,000 pound four post lift is ideal for crew cab dually pickups and large SUVs. Due to our superior design, this 9000 pound lift is identical in operation to our standard model. However, with the use of thicker steel, we made this lift long enough, wide enough, and heavy-duty enough to remain portable even at this heavy capacity. Perfect for your hobby cars as well as your dually pickup or suburban. This lift does it all!!

Click here for more information on the 9000 lb. lift

Backyard Buddy Color Choices

Henry Ford summed up the color choices for the Model T in his 1920 autobiography as “any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” Obviously we are fan’s of Ford’s automotive innovations, but his ideas on giving customers choices leave a bit to be desired.

We’re the first to admit that looks should not be one of your first priorities when you’re buying something that holds thousands of pounds of steel over your head, but one more place where Backyard Buddy stands above our foreign competitors is in color choice and finish quality.

Our standard lift color scheme is red posts and decks with black cross beams. We’re car guys, so of course red is going to be our first choice. But that’s not the only choice we give our customers. We are able to powder coat your lift and many of its accessories in red, black, white, blue, and silver. One of our more popular color choices is the “USA” color scheme, with red, white, and blue components. Other popular choices are all black, black and silver, and red and blue.

All of our lifts are thoroughly cleaned with a media blast to prepare the metal for powder coating. This gives Backyard Buddy lifts a better-looking and longer-lasting finish. Most foreign lifts just get a quick acid wash before finishing,

A Backyard Buddy lift is an investment that will continue paying dividends by making it easier to work on your vehicles. We think you should be proud of how it looks as well.

Backyard Buddy automatic safety locks
Backyard Buddy automatic safety locks