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7,000 lb car lift

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7,000 lb car lift
7,000 lb car lift

American Made Anthem by "Cadillac Joe" Vincent

that originally appeared in OL' SKOOL RODZ Magazine.

Backyard Buddy whole heartily agrees!

A long, long time ago, I can still remember how “Made in America“ made me smile...and made the entire world go around. -Apologies to Don McLean

Somehow over recent years, ‘Made in America” appeared to be considered the same as ‘Made Elsewhere” and America had somehow lost it’s Cadillac, Chevy, Ford and Detroit way. I am, however, of the generation that believes that what we made in America during our ol’ skool Happy Daz was everything we needed and that fifty years later, American Made is everything we continue to need for our future Happy Daz.

If you wanted a great, reliable, high quality car in the 1950s and 1960s, a set of wheels that you could drive into the ground, you bought American Made. And if you wanted to soup-up, boost, jack-up, customize and blow the doors off, well, every conceivable accessory, part and accoutrement was all home-grown, Made in America.

If you wanted to dress, look and be ol’ skool kool in the Happy Daz, every shirt, pair of jeans, jacket, shades, and shoes ~ from Levis to loafers to boots to bombers - was designed, crafted and American Made in the ol’ skool way. Half a century later, every quality pair of jeans, piece of clothing and “too kool for school” footwear is designed, crafted and made with authentic pride with the Made in America label in the ol’ skool way.

For all those doomsayers, cynics and skeptics proclaiming that America’s best days are in the rear view minor and the USA does not make anything except pop culture, entertainment and Big Macs, then they have not looked very far at what’s still Made in America. The entire notion that somehow America has lost its manufacturing MoJo is just pure unadulterated poppycock and the rest of the world knows it as well, as they continue to use Made in the USA and our dollar as their gold standard.

The simple truth is that we make now, as we did in the Happy Daz, everything we need and desire at a quality standard unexcelled on the planet This is not simply “Halftime in America” in the words of Clint Eastwood. ‘The modern game of ‘standards of living” and “quality of life’ has not actually gotten underway.

In my opinion, the concerns of “China rising’ with their recent undeniable accomplishments and mass population of factory workers is, as in the case of a more democratic nation of India, unnecessary fear mongering, scapegoating and finger pointing on the most part. Chine’s recent announcements, boasting of a “revolutionary” new bullet train, stealth fighter and aerospace industry come 45 years after America put a man on the moon! And most intelligence experts acknowledge China industrial espionage services stole plans for these so-called accomplishments. China is not rising, but lingering.

The underlying point about Made in America is this: We make what we want, require, and are willing to pay for at the quality level we desire. There is not one thing that cannot be sourced in the USA and at the best quality meeting the demands of the USA.

‘American Made’ never went away We simply started to consume and demand lower prices, which dictated lower quality. Americans willing to pay for American quality can still get American quality, and in the long run, the better product is a smarter choice because it outlasts the inferior one. lt’s a law of economics. This is not rocket science; it is basic free market freedom of choice.

I encourage my Ol’ Skool Rodz brethren to just Google “Made in America.” Stand back as website after website allows you to source just about anything in the world American Made.

We still make the best jeans and companies like True Religion Jeans, Greenspan’s, and Diamond Gusset make them. Think about that ol’ skool concept of quality Wranglers, Levis, Lee, etc. as Made in America in the Happy Daz. That’s what these companies still offer. Nothing has changed in over 50 years that is Made in America.

The myth that we no longer make major appliances is debunked by the mass investment made by General Electric in Appliance Park, Louisville, Kentucky. The idea that we do not make china is a joke when you recognize the most popular tableware in America remains Fiesta Brand, available widely through Wisconsin’s own Homer Laughlin China Company founded in 1871.

The thought that you cannot get good athletic footwear or work boots or clothing is nonsense when New Balance in New England or Red Wing Shoes in Maine or Carhartt Clothing (“From the mill to millions”) plants around the USA are cranking out record levels of Made in the USA products.

Ever wonder, in addition to world renown Steinway concert pianos made in the USA, who else hand crafts their American Made precision musical instruments? How about Yamaha.

Everything from legendary Gibson guitars to Harley-Davidson motorcycles, from Tony Lama boots to Pendleton woolen blankets and American Big Three, “We are back, smokin’ and roarin’,’ car makers are American Made in our famous ol’ skool traditions.

So, I am singing the ol’ skool American Made anthem and praising where we have been, where we are, and where we are going - Made in the USA. I hope you will join the American Made chorus. Sing along, buy Made in America, and keep reading Ol’Skoal Radz, which is 100% pure American Made.