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About Backyard Buddy Automotive Lifts

backyard buddy factory in Warren, Ohio

Dear fellow car enthusiast,

Thank you for letting me tell you why I am so proud of the Backyard Buddy automotive lift.

The Backyard Buddy idea was born in 1988 when I started looking for a lift that would work in my backyard home garage. I wanted a lift that was safe and affordable that I could use to work on my hot rods. It would also be great to be able to store one car over another in the same garage bay. Not finding anything that filled the bill, and with many years in the steel fabrication business, I decided to build my own lift and Backyard Buddy was born. One of the first issues that had to be resolved was that traditional four post lifts had to be anchored to the garage floor for stability. There wasn't enough rigidity engineered into the lift for it to stand on its own. My garage floor wasn’t that great and I wanted to be able to roll the lift outside if necessary, so had to be free standing and not bolted to the floor. This led to the square sleeve over square tubing corner post and “dead bolt” style automatic lock system design. The long sleeve sliding over the 4 inch square tubing has almost no play and is extremely rigid. The locking tab is captured in a slot machined in the tubing by the weight of the car and can not be accidently disengaged.

Other, usually less expensive, home garage lifts have come out since, most using a smaller slider inside an open column. We feel this design is flawed because the open column isn’t as strong as square tubing and there is often a lot of slop in the sliding assembly. Push on many of those style lifts and they move side-to-side which is why many of them still have anchoring bolt holes in the feet. If there is enough play, the small contact area of the locking tabs may disengage causing at least one corner of the lift to fall. Our lifts are so rigid, they’ve never come down even when accidently backed into and pushed across the floor while supporting a vehicle! Also, most cheaper lifts are imported and/or use inferior “offshore” materials.

Backyard Buddy Corporation is now one of the largest and oldest freestanding lift manufacturers in the country and we are very proud of the fact that Backyard Buddy lifts are built entirely in our Warren, Ohio plant using only U.S. or Canadian structural grade steel and hardware. We do not use “off-shore” steel. If you’ve ever smashed a knuckle when a cheap tool broke, you know why we feel it’s unsafe. It’s getting harder to produce a product in America with quality materials and still be competitive with imported lifts or lifts that may only be assembled or painted here or built using “offshore” steel. A Backyard Buddy lift is more expensive because of the higher grade materials and American craftsmanship we use. We will never compromise quality or safety. You can be assured of receiving one of the finest tools available worldwide and we are sure you will see what a great value a Backyard Buddy lift is.

We are very proud of our product. Please study the web site, watch the videos and learn what makes one of our lifts so special. Learn why we feel being made in the U.S.A. with U.S./Canadian steel really is better than a cheap imported lift. Please read the "American Made Anthem" by Cadillac Joe" Vincent" by clicking here.

If you need additional information or help in ordering, please call us at 800-837-9353, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, EST. A knowledgeable member of our manufacturing plant staff will answer your call. You’ll never talk to a telemarketer or a machine. Feel free to visit our factory showroom in Warren, Ohio (see the contact page) or see our display at larger car shows around the country. Please call for a schedule.

Thank you for giving us a chance to tell you about Backyard Buddy lifts and we look forward to hearing from you.


Larry Gross, owner

The Backyard Buddy difference:

Everybody says their lifts are the best thing since beer, so to illustrate the differences between Backyard Buddy lifts and the others, we purchased several of our competitors’ units and tested, scrutinized and compared them. The results show that our logical, simple design is still the safest lift on the market. These lifts are in our showroom, so stop in and see the difference for yourself. Read the detailed comparison here.

  • We only use U.S. or Canadian structural grade steel. Even the electric power unit and hydraulics are American made.

  • Our lifts are an extremely safe and stable design. Our new automatic back-up lock is an added bonus in case of slack in the cable (which has never happened).

  • Backyard Buddy Lifts are truly free-standing. They do not need to be bolted to the floor and are is easy to roll around the shop even with a car on it! Our large phenolic casters will not mar your floor like some other lifts’ cheap steel casters.

  • We only sell factory direct. That means no middleman, and no “free” freight costs that are averaged into the price of the lift. If it’s a “delivered” price, that just means you’re paying the same freight costs wether you live in California or Indiana. We show you the freight charges up front, and the maximum savings available by shipping from point to point. If you live nearby and have a regular car trailer, you are welcome to pick up your lift at our factory. You just need something like an engine hoist and some friends at home to unload it.

  • Even the smallest of details have been designed with you in mind, right down to the way we package your lift for shipping. We use steel end crates to keep everything together, so off-loading is easier whether you use your own trailer at a local dock or have our freight company bring it to your door.

  • Your lift arrives as ready-to-bolt together factory assembled sub-assemblies. With a little help and common hand tools, you should be up and running in less than a day. Click on “assembly photos” to see Sam Memmolo of Two Guys Garage fame assemble a Backyard Buddy lift in his home garage.

  • A comprehensive, top-to-bottom standard 5 year warranty.

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