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High Quality 4 Post Car Lifts for the Home

Backyard Buddy 4 post car lifts are the best solution when you're looking to increase garage space, while also improving how easy it is to work on all your vehicles.

A Backyard Buddy 4 post car lift is entirely free standing. You don't need to bolt it to the floor, and in fact, you can safely and easily move it around, even while a car is being supported. We utilize 4x4 structural square tubing corner posts, not formed open-channel posts, and offer numerous additional safety features and construction measures. You can even add on even more features, such as a crane system, car dolly or hydraulic jack platform.

Everything we produce is proudly American made, utilizing only the very best materials and with our own high quality craftsmanship. The result is a superior product than what the competition offers, one that is safer, more dependable and built to last, and also backed with a five-year top to bottom warranty. It's a smart investment, and it's the only 4 post car lift you'll ever have to buy.

Feel free to call us directly at 800.837.9353 for more information. We'll be happy to answer any questions and help you get started with the best 4 post car lift on the market, the Backyard Buddy.