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Buy a Residential Car Lift for Safe & Convenient Storage

Lift and store your car or truck safely with a Backyard Buddy Auto Lift

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Free standing residential car lifts designed for the home garage or professional shop. Made in America for the enthusiast who wants the very best.

Treat yourself to the best tool you’ll ever buy for your home garage. A BACKYARD BUDDY freestanding 4 post car lift makes working on your project car or everyday vehicle easy, fun and safe. No more cold concrete floor and jack stands! A number of different built-in jack options make it easy to do whatever you want on your car or truck. Backyard Buddy offers a full-line of American made 7000 and 9000 pound capacity lifts for cars, trucks and recreational vehicles of all kinds. We have been manufacturing car lifts in Ohio for almost 25 years and are the largest 4 post car lift manufacturer manufacturer for the residential and commercial market in America.

The Backyard Buddy car lift for home garage environments gives full access to the bottom of the car. Working under your hot rod, muscle car or classic is a lot easier with a Backyard Buddy car lift. Exhaust systems, transmissions, chassis detailing or any other under car project is no longer a back breaking chore. You won't dread doing routine service on your daily driver anymore. For even more versatility, check out our optional jack platforms and built-in hydraulic jacks that make it easy to jack up a vehicle while on the lift for brake and suspension work.

Backyard Buddy Residential Car Lifts Increase Storage

Need extra room for another car or to store a boat or motorcycle in your garage? A Backyard Buddy residential car lift is the perfect storage solution! With enough ceiling height, it's easy to store one car over another. With accessory kits like solid inserts and drip pans, Backyard Buddy lifts can store ATV's, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats and other seasonal vehicles while providing usable space under the elevated platform.

Our lifts are called "free standing" because they are so rigid they don't need to be bolted to the floor. With the optional casters, they are completely portable. You can roll your lift around the garage or outside on the driveway, even while supporting a car.

Proudly American Made 4 Post Car Lift Systems

BACKYARD BUDDY lifts are built in our Warren, Ohio factory by skilled, AWS certified welders. We use only American or Canadian certified structural steel. No cheap overseas steel used here! Even the hardware and power unit is American made. The best materials and design make these lifts the safest available and the best value for your dollar.

We designed and built our first BACKYARD BUDDY lift when we couldn't find a lift for our own backyard home garage and hot rod project. We’re proud of our product’s quality, engineering and safety record. We’re also proud that we don’t have to explain why sending American jobs to a plant we own in China is a good thing as some of our competitors must. We encourage you to buy American made products when you can and support our economy, not someone else’s.

Why Choose a Backyard Buddy Car Lift for Home Garage?

Read this side-by-side comparison with import lifts

  • We use only American or Canadian certified structural steel and materials.

  • We use American made power units and hardware.

  • We use only American Welding Society Certified Welders.

  • All lifts include a Standard 5 Year 'Top-to-Bottom' Warranty.

  • Our lifts are free standing. They roll around the shop with optional casters, even when supporting a car.

  • 4"x4" structural square tubing corner posts, not formed open channel like cheaper lifts.

  • Runways are supported by 12" long outside sleeves completely surround the corner posts and capture the locking tabs. There is no chance of accidental disengagement or failure. This gives Backyard Buddy lifts the superior structural integrity needed to be free-standing.

  • Four additional safety locks automatically engage the corner posts in the remote chance there is ever any cable slack (it's never happened).

  • Our runway tread plates are welded to a heavy steel frame with cross members. Others just bend soft tread plate to form the structure.

  • Each Backyard Buddy lift is shot blast for better powder coating adhesion- not just acid washed.

  • Critical cable pulleys have grease fittings.

  • Available in Backyard Buddy Red, Black and Red, White & Blue.

  • Financing is available. Please Call or click.

Compare all Backyard Buddy car and truck lift dimensions.

Please stop by and visit our  showroom
Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM, EST.


Made in the USA





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Backyard Buddy lifts are available direct from the factory in Warren, Ohio, and can be loaded onto a car trailer or shipped. Please call 800.837.9353 to order or ask any questions from 8am to 5pm EST.


Financing is available. Please Call or click.

Professional installation of your new Backyard Buddy lift is available in most areas! Call for details.

Download 10 things to remember when buying a lift Download "Top 10 things to keep in mind when buying a Car Lift"

Buying a residential car lift these days is more confusing than ever. With so many brands to choose from and so many companies selling the same equipment, selecting the right one is difficult. Some lift companies are marketing firms while others are long time lift manufacturers. We can help you figure out what to look for.



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Please call for help when choosing the best lift for your garage. It's a big decision. We're here to help whether you buy from us or not. There is never any pressure!

Check out our NEW Car Lift videos!
Can't get to our showroom in person? Watch Sam Memmolo demonstrate the differences between Backyard Buddy and other residential car lifts on the market. After watching this video, you'll see how buying another lift would be throwing your money away.

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Sam Memmolo talks about his BAckyard Buddy Lift
Buy American video

NEW! Backyard Buddy Crane
and Body Lift Attachment

Our new crane system will work with any Backyard Buddy Car Lift and makes it easier to pull an engine or remove a car body from the frame during restoration. Move heavy objects or unload your pickup with it, too.

Backyard Buddy Crane option

Compare Backyard Buddy Car Lifts
to the Competition

You take great pride in restoring your classic car and maintaining your everyday truck. Don't risk damage or injury by using an inferior import lift . Let us show you why our U.S. built car lift is the best choice from the ground up. BYB's superior construction and manufacturing will ensure you many years of enjoyment and safety plus the best value for your money!

Compare Back Yard Buddy lifts to cheap lifts

Easy to assemble- Do-it-yourself!
TV host Sam Memmolo of "Two Guys Garage" and "Shade tree Mechanic" fame assembled his personal Backyard Buddy car lift in his home garage. See his photos here and visit his site for his comments

Sam Mammolo assembles his Backyard Buddy Lift

Read what satisfied owners are saying
We are the oldest and largest 4 post car lift manufacturer in the market. We enjoy that reputation because of our many satisfied customers. Read what some of them have to say about our industry-leading auto lifts and accessories.

Customer Comments
Photos say it all!
These great customer photos will give you a good idea of how a BYB car lift will fit in your garage. Backyard Buddy has many uses such as storage for ATV's, jet ski's, lawn tractors, snowmobiles and more! Get those items up and out of the way to reclaim your floor space!
Customer Photos
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